This week, Sue has provided the prompt “remains” for her Thursday photo prompt. I thought I would have a go at another haibun. I like the idea of prose and a haiku related by a common thread, yet different.

All that remains

The plaque on the wall is all that remains of Lizzie Bowlynge. Well that, and the opening and shutting of windows, mysterious voices and sounds and re-arranging of furniture on the landing and in the cellar of the Three Tuns Pub in Bungay.

She paid the price for stealing a quart jug of ale from her place of employment. She was caught and chained to the cellar wall as punishment for her dastardly crime. The walls in the cellar are thick, part of the structure having previously formed part of Bungay Castle, built in the 12th century. No-one could hear her cries as she was left to slowly perish from starvation.

Now her ghost roams the cellar, socializing with the other twenty ghosts that inhabit this ancient building, waiting for their time of retribution.

The only thing left

Was to return the body

to the dark, moist earth

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