Michael asked me to make him some cupcakes to take to school for his friends. We debated the best flavour of cupcake and decided on vanilla. I thought it would be fun to colour the cupcake batter and make the cupcakes a bit more interesting. I decided on red and green for a change.

The cupcakes rose beautifully and came out well rounded on the top.

The cupcakes reminded me a bit of apples so I thought I would try and make apple cupcakes.

I used a small, sharp knife to cut a small piece out of the top of the cupcakes. I then covered the cupcakes with a thin layer of royal icing. I rolled out a green and red coloured fondant and cut pieces large enough to cover the top of the cupcakes. I smoothed the icing over the cupcakes and into the hole I had cut out.

I cut leaves out of a darker green fondant and inserted a short length of florist’s wire into each leaf. I rolled short tubes of dark brown fondant for the stalks and inserted a short length of florist wire into each of these too.

I used dark green and yellow powder food colour to give the green apples some colour detail and I used dark red for the detail on the red apples. I then inserted sticking out piece of the wires into the stalks and leaves into the apples.

I put three apples in a little basket for this photograph.


Happy baking.