While the Bombs Fell has two lovely new reviews:

Darlene Foster rated it four out of five stars on Goodreads and said:

A lovely memoir written by a mother and daughter team about a young girl living in the UK during WWII. Elsie is very little during the war but can’t help feel the fear and anxiety of her parents, siblings and neighbours. What I found interesting is that in spite of the threat of invasion, bombs falling on homes, air raid shelters, and food shortages, everyday life carried on. The cows were still milked, children attended school, went swimming and to the movies, neighbours met for tea, Christmas cake was made and Christmas was still celebrated. Never having lived under these circumstances, it was a good insight into another time and place. An added bonus is the wartime recipes at the end of the book. Well done Elsie Hancy Eaton and Robbie Cheadle!

A verified purchaser on Amazon US rated it five out of five stars and said:

A valiantly told story of an unimaginable situation. The pages of While the Bombs Fell are filled with compassion, and despite the inhumanity of war, hunanity. It’s evident that the book was lovingly crafted. It also makes a lovely teaching tool. Well worth reading.