Charli is certainly coming up with some really super prompts this year. This week it is black and white and it reminded me of the time I desperately wanted to be an altar boy. I was always an exhibitionist and loved to dress up. I was always some or other fantasy person, an angel, a red devil, a ladybird and even an altar boy.

“Sarah was completely enchanted by the altar boys. They wore long white smocks and helped Father O’Malley to light the candles. They all sat together at the front of the Church on the black steps. She could see them clandestinely whispering together. It looked like such fun. The next week when her Aunt took her to Church she insisted on being dressed up as an altar boy. Her Aunt fashioned a long, loose outfit for her out of a white sheet. Sarah was happy. Now she could be an altar boy too. No-one mentioned that she was a girl.”