The Immured by Alexandre-Evariste Fragonard 

I am having a lot of fun writing my new YA novel. It is all about ghosts and I told my Mom I think I have found my greatest writing love. Historical ghosts stories; how completely awesome. Lots of lovely research and lots of scary scenes.

I have written just under 7 000 words in two weeks which isn’t bad considering the amount of research that I have had to do, each ghosts comes from a completely different time period. I can only write for an hour in the morning and during the weekends due to my work and family commitments. I also have to have time for blogging, which I love, and writing poetry.

My research this weekend introduced me to the word “immured” which I did not know. This is how I used it in my story:

“What happened to you after you escaped from the Priory? You must have died badly if you are a ghost; stuck between our earthly life and the next one.”

“I was caught,” Katherine said simply. She didn’t not seem surprised by the question.

“My escape became the subject of a denunciation by the Bishop of Norwich, Henry le Despenser, and a consequent order from King Henry II for my capture. Once caught, I was to be forcibly returned to the Priory.

“That didn’t happen, did it?” said Margaret.

“No, I was caught and, when it was discovered that I was with child, I was immured.”

Margaret didn’t recognise the word “immured” and stared at Katherine blankly.

“A small niche was carved out of the wall in the Abbey of Coldingham, where I had been taken. I was given some food and water and then my grave was sealed.”

With these final words, Katherine was gone.

Have a lovely week.