Nearly every week I participate in Charli Mill’s flash fiction challenge. This week Charli has provided “A fishing tale” as a prompt phrase. As I had the prefect 99-word story for this prompt included in my forthcoming book, “While the Buzz Bombs Fell”, I decided to use it as it stands.

Fishing for eels

“Later that afternoon, Beth set a fishing line which she left overnight. Beth was very good at this and often caught an eel or two.  She would dig for worms in the kitchen garden to bait the line.

The eels were a greenish-brown and looked like snakes which was a bit creepy, but they were very good, cooked in milk and water in a frying pan, and flavoured with pepper.

Elsie really hoped that Beth would catch some eels for them to eat. In the morning, Beth would run down to the river to see what she had caught.”

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