Helsinki airport sign [it gave me a giggle] and me working in the airport while waiting for our flight back to Heathrow

Terence and I arrived back from London this morning. We had a whirlwind tour cum work week and visited London for two days, Helsinki in Finland for two days and Birmingham in the UK for two days. It was a very successful trip and we saw a lot and also achieved a great deal. Terence had a conference in for the whole day on Wednesday and a two hour meeting in Birmingham on Friday morning. I also had some work I needed to do for two on-going projects.

Charli Mill’s prompt this week was well timed as it reminded me how lucky we are now to be able to work from anywhere in the world. A laptop, wifi and a cell phone and you are all set. I have two laptops, two cellphones and an ipad which does make for a heavy suitcase but I really can’t complain. I had access to my work email and both my private writing emails, all three of my blogs, Instagram, Facebook and twitter everywhere we went.

September 6, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write about an epic workplace. It can be real or imagined. Go where the prompt leads.

Epic workplace

“Where did you say you worked?”

“I didn’t say but I can work any place and any time. My mobile office is comprehensive. I have two laptops, two cell phones and an ipad.”

“Really, that is interesting. Do you work from home then?”

“As I said, I work from anywhere. Sometimes I work from home, but I also work on planes, trains and when I am a passenger in a car. I work from hotel rooms and while I am at swimming lessons with my children. I even work while they attend music lessons and karate. It is epic.”

Have a lovely week.