I am tired at the moment. Work is very busy and I have been involved in two book launches in the past two months with a third to come in November. I didn’t plan it that way but while we make plans, life happens, and here I am.

Anyhow, in my slightly dozy state, I missed the cut-off for Rodeo #3. I read it as midnight yesterday and it was midday. Bother!

I thought I would share my piece here. It is a 99-word flash about travel, with a twist.

The journey

In the close confines of the carriage, Margaret’s effect on the ghosts was almost instantaneous. It was strange to watch them gain a physical form. Margaret likened it, in her thoughts, to beating egg whites and watching them changing from a runny, viscous liquid into a thick, glossy and stiff mixture.

The carriage traveled for miles until they reached their destination.

The wispy late-evening mist shrouded the ruined castle. As the carriage lurched to a halt on the thick grass in front of the castle, the spirits grinned, knowing they were nearly home. They didn’t know what awaited them.

Rodeo #4

I am a judge for Rodeo #4 – Fractured fairy tales. This wonderful idea came from the host of this contest, Norah Colvin. Norah asked me to write a 99-word fractured fairy tale as an example. Here it is:

The Elvin Hill by Robbie Cheadle

Throughout the feast the Goblin King watched the Elf King’s daughters. He and his two sons were to choose a wife from among them.

A delicious meal was served. He noticed that one daughter did not partake of the food. She only ate fruit and drank water. When she danced with her sisters to entertain the visitors, tiny flowers sprang up where she stepped. He could see that her magic was white and not the usual black of elves.

He selected her, and a new generation of good elves resulted from their union. It changed the course of history.


I chose The Elvin Hill by Hans Christian Anderson as my original tale. I just love this particular story. I discovered that Elves were originally quite unpleasant creatures and fraternised with trolls. They ate all sorts of nasty food, like children’s fingers salad. They were also hollow when seen from the back. Deliciously thrilling!

Tolkein changed the look and feel of elves with his books The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. This little tale of mine bridges the transition from bad to good. I was always curious as a girl as to how this evolution happened and now I have explained it. Smile!

If you would like to join in Rodeo #4, you can read all about it here: https://carrotranch.com/2018/10/24/rodeo-4-fractured-fairy-tales/