The fondant Siamese cat from Sir Chocolate and the Fondant Five story and cookbook is over at Zigler News today, hosted by children’s author and poet, Victoria Zigler, being interviewed by Tori’s lovely dog, Lilie the Westie. Thank you Lilie and Tori for hosting her today.

Hi everyone. This is Lilie the Westie.

We invited some of our furry friends to come introduce themselves on here. But something weird happened, and now I have a strange new friend for you to meet today. At first I thought it was a tasty snack. But then it started talking, which is how I realized it was a friend instead. Lucky I realized that in time, because Mummy says you mustn’t eat friends, no matter what they smell like.

Anyway, I’m sorry for almost mistaking you for a snack, new friend. But, tell me, who, or what, are you

Meeeooow! I am the fondant Siamese cat. Sir Chocolate created me in his Chocolatier and the Fruitdrop Fairies gave me life with their magic powder sugar. Sir Chocolate and I are good friends and I sometimes visit him and the other animals at the Chocolate Land Zoo.

When I met Sir Chocolate in the wood one day and he asked for my help to rescue the Fondant Five animals who had been kidnapped by the Wedding Cake Elves, I was delighted to be of service to him. I played an important role in rescuing the lion, the elephant, the rhino, the leopard and the buffalo and I am proud of that. Of course, Sir Chocolate formulated the rescue plan and the fondant giraffe and the fondant monkey also helped. We worked as a team to use our individual talents and physical features to help with the rescue. I have always been a loner and it was fun to work in a team to such good effect.

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