The benefits of baking and cooking for children

Most children love to spend time in the kitchen either cooking or baking. It is a fabulous bonding experience with Mom or another caregiver and they always enjoying eating the results of their hard work afterwards...


Valentine’s Day Guest Post from MTW authors Robbie and Michael Cheadle

Most children love to spend time in the kitchen either cooking or baking. It is a fabulous bonding experience with Mom or another caregiver and they always enjoying eating the results of their hard work afterwards...


A poem about two extremes; drought and floods by Robbie Cheadle

Southern Africa has been in the grip of a drought for the past fifteen to eighteen months. The realisation of the severity of the drought and the resultant disruption to farming have become very apparent to the nation, in the form of steadily increasing food prices, since the beginning of 2016. The other, more horrendous, effects of the drought have been less well publicised but come to the fore every now and then....


Making a Gingerbread Chapel

It is time for some fondant magic from master baker and confectioner Robbie Cheadle, with a delicious gingerbread themed cake that would make a wonderful addition to the Christmas tea table...


The Ultimate Bucket List – Wedding Cakes and a very personal wish

I was quite sure that I didn’t have a bucket list. After all, I have a wonderful husband, two fantastic boys, a lovely home and an extended family. We go away on holiday every now and then and we get to see delightful places both in Africa and abroad...


How to make a Fishing Boy Cake

I decided to make a fishing boy cake. My idea was that the boy would be asleep on a raft on a river running through a field. There would be fish, which would be laughing at the sleeping boy and a few cows in the field...


A Poem for Grandparents by Robbie Cheadle

My mother thought last weeks poem entitled “Who’s really free” was depressing. She said I should write something more cheerful and amusing. My Michael was tasked with learning a poem by Roald Dahl this week, entitled “Television” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Roald Dahl’s hilarious style of writing appealed to me and got me in the mood to attempt a more amusing poem. For some reason the concept of grandparents seems very topical in my life at the moment...


Cook From Scratch – Moist Honey Cake

Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet love bees of all kinds. They are very good friends with the sugar dough bees who live in Chocolate Land and make sweet and sour sugar dough.

They are also good friends with the English bumble bees and really love honey. Sir Chocolate makes a particularly delicious and moist honey cake which he adapted from a traditional Jewish recipe...


Cook From Scratch – Delicious and easy brown yoghurt bread

Sir Chocolate lives in a land where you can eat everything, even the trees, flowers and houses. There are healthy foods in Chocolate Land, you can’t live on sweet treats!

In each of his recipe books, Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet include one savoury recipe to teach children how to bake delicious and healthy foods as well as the lovely, yummy goodies...


Traditional foods you can eat in Cape Town

Robbie and Michael Cheadle are the publishing and baking powerhouse behind a series of children’s story cookbooks. A delight for all ages, it brings together traditional storytelling with activities to be enjoyed baking in the kitchen. In this guest post Robbie introduces us to the traditional food delights that can be found in Cape Town… I can definitely recommend the bobotie which was a regular favourite of us as children. I still make a version of it today during the winter months...



Oranges and Lemons -Recipe lemon flavoured cake and homemade lemon curd

I was listening to the words of this old nursery rhyme the other day and it inspired me to try and make a citrus cake. My Mother loves lemon cakes and I haven’t made one for a while so I thought that I would go with a lemon flavoured cake, covered in lemon butter icing and filled with homemade lemon curd. Delicious!

Making the lemon flavoured cake

The best way to flavour a cake with lemon is to use fresh lemon zest and freshly squeezed lemon juice...


It was the night before Christmas – a rhyming Christmas story

It was the night before Christmas
the Hamstahs were running about
as Glare Phantasm tried to restore order
and lots of instructions did shout...


The Marzipan Witch and the Golden Swan

I wrote this story for one of Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompts a while back. As it is a pre-cursor to my recent book Sir Chocolate and the Condensed Milk River story and cookbook, I thought I would share it again, along with some new pictures and cakes.

In Chocolate Land, there lives the Marzipan Witch,
she lives under a hedge in a chocolate mud ditch,
her housekeeper is her grey, fondant cat,
who keeps their home tidy and sweeps the mat...


Sir Chocolate saves Easter – a rhyming verse story

The Easter Bunny was in quite a state;

His Easter deliveries were going to be late;

His chocolate making machine wouldn’t start;

The mechanic said he needed a spare part...




Extract from Silly Willy goes to England

Christmas day dawned, grey and overcast. Willy peeped out of the window and chirruped with delight, the window pane was covered with frosty, fern-like patterns. Mom came into our bedroom and smiled at Willy’s enthusiasm. “Jack Frost has been visiting”, Mom said.

“Jack Frost?” Willy focused on Mom. “Who is Jack Frost”? “Ah”, said Mom. “Jack Frost is the little elven man who carves the pretty patterns into the frost on the window panes. He visits during the night with his chisel and other carving tools and creates all the pictures of fern fronds, flowers and crystals...


Ani’s Advent invitation: Robbie Cheadle – Christmas letters, now and then

Day two of the anti-antler campaign and I have a special guest… she writes and makes stuff to eat with her pup, Michael. She has read him my books too… even if my rotten two-legs did put her name on the cover. Still, it’s Christmas… a time of goodwill and peace to all two-legses… so I s’ppose I forgive her. Especially if she might be cooking turkey again this year...


Free Halloween story – Sir Chocolate and the Candy Dragon

On the day before Halloween,
Sir Chocolate was really busy,
Making candy and chocolate treats,
So fast it would make you dizzy.
Edible spiders and caterpillars,
A set of shortbread fingers,
His gingerbread tombstones
with a spicy smell that lingers...


Silly Willy goes to Cape Town extract and promotion

When my son Gregory was a small lad, we had a CD for the car which included a folk song/nursery rhyme called Aiken Drum. I had never heard this nursery rhyme before but we both enjoyed it a lot and this was the first nursery rhyme Greg learned off by heart.

The nursery rhyme originates from Scotland and is thought to date back to the Jacobite rising in 1715 and to be about the Battle of Sheriffmuir. Jacobitism was a political movement in Great Britian and Ireland between 1688 and 1746...




Sir Chocolate books promotion - Meet the Characters

Why indeed? To find out you will need to read Sir Chocolate and the sugar dough bees story and cookbook.

I can tell you a bit about Taylor Gingernut though:
There was a red-haired lass called Tay;
Who always had plenty to say;
When the flowers damaged she found;
She couldn’t make one single sound;
Much to her complete and utter dismay...


Sir Chocolate and the Sugar Crystal Cave story and cookbook promotion on LisaBurtonRadio

Lady Sweet and I own a chocolate factory where we make chocolate goodies, sugar mice and other sugar decorations that we sell in our chocolatier. One of our most popular products is our range of homemade soda pop which we make using sugar water from the Sugar Crystal Cave. This cave is nestled at the heart of the Chocolate Chip Hills. To get there we have to cross the chocolate mousse swamp which is infested with alligator sours, who feed on travelers, giant mosquitos and a fondant ghost...


Why I published the Sir Chocolate books

I have always been a great reader. I learned how to read when I was four years old and that was the beginning of a wonderful voyage of discovery. I read everything I could get my hands on; Beatrix Potter, Enid Blyton, C.S. Lewis, L.M. Montgomery and a myriad of classical authors. I went on adventures up the Faraway Tree, anguished over the death of Beth in Little Woman, explored the prairies of America with Laura Ingalls Wilder, flew with Wendy and her brothers in Peter Pan and grew bigger and smaller with Alice in Alice in Wonderland...


Guest post

Today it is my pleasure to welcome author Robbie Cheadle to the blog! When I found out that this children’s book writer used to be a spin class instructor, I approached her about potentially submitting a post about her fitness experiences. She kindly obliged (thank you!)...




Guest post

Today, I am delighted to be featuring the new book by the lovely Robbie Cheadle, and her son, Michael. Robbie is my kind of blogger; committed, engaged, and generous with her time and comments. Robbie blogs from her home in South Africa, the land that brings us gold and diamonds, and perhaps more importantly, my favourite red wine, Pinotage. She has sent me an introduction, and a short bio too. Please enjoy her work, and if you think it might appeal to you, links are available at the end...


Guest post promotion Silly Willy goes to Cape Town

During a recent visit to Paarl in the Western Cape, we came across De Villiers Chocolate and the DV Café. We had not intended to visit a chocolate factory that day as we were in the famous Cape Winelands where some of the best quality wines in the world are made. We saw the sign and I thought that it would be an unusual experience for our two boys to see how chocolate is made...


Extract from Silly Willy goes to England

Gang, I loved this story for reasons you will soon see. The story in its own right was good, but the additional stuff I found out about after reading it was amazing – and you’ll see that in a moment.

Fun story, and definitely worthy of a special honorable mention...


Guest post

Robbie Cheadle was born in London in the United Kingdom. Her father died when she was three months old and her mother immigrated to South Africa with her tiny baby girl. Robbie has lived in Johannesburg, George and Cape Town in South Africa and attended fourteen different schools. This gave her lots of opportunities to meet new people and learn lots of social skills as she was frequently “the new girl”...


Extract from Silly Willy goes to Cape Town

Silly Willy goes to Cape Town is a light hearted and humorous story about going on holiday with two small, and very different boys. The story is told through the eyes of Cautious Craig, an eight year old boy, and includes hilarious accounts of his views on life with his naughty younger brother. The story is for children aged 7 to 12 years old.

The book includes recipes and instructions on how to make five fun children’s party cakes as well as instructions on how to make the various illustrations, made out of fondant, in the book...


Guest post

Today I am pleased to share a wonderful blog post by children’s author Robbie Cheadle. In this increasingly interconnected world it can be difficult for parents to explain to their children why basic math and writing skills are important. I know I am shocked by how much my six-year-old already knows about iPads, Kindle readers and desktops. Why should he bother to learn to write neatly if everything is sent via computer anyway? Robbie has an eloquent answer for us all...

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