South African-born author Robbie Cheadle started writing books to encourage her son with reading and writing, but her journey as an author has moved from cookbooks to horror…

What inspired the Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet books?

Chocolate Land and all the characters that live there were the brain child of my son, Michael. He was six years old when he came up with this idea as part of an initiative by me to get him to practice his reading and writing. Michael has an auditory processing learning barrier, so it was more difficult to teach him these skills than for my older son, Gregory.

Michael has a vivid imagination and thought the idea of a little man who lived in a world where you could eat everything and who had lots of fun adventures helping his friends with their problems was wonderful. Together we made up the rhyming verse stories and Michael wrote them out into books. Initially, Michael illustrated the books himself but then we had the idea of making the figurines and characters from fondant which is a hobby of mine. Both my boys were keen to join in fondant making at that time and so the Sir Chocolate picture books were born.

I always baked with my boys and with my nephews and nieces and they enjoyed the fondant making, story and baking activities so much that I decided to roll them all up together into the book series and make it a first story and cookbook.

I also have a website with a blog where I share recipes and bits and pieces of information about my children’s books called BakeandWrite as well as another blog, robbiesinspiration, where I share posts about what is happening in my life, flash fiction, poetry and book reviews.

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