James J. Cudney from This Is My Truth Now blog is hosting a very exciting children’s book readathon and Michael and I are participating with our Sir Chocolate books series [We are also reading lots of other books]. Thank you Jay for having us over for a visit to your fantastic blog today. Do go over and visit Jay and read more about the readathon. You will also meet one of the sugar dogs from the story we will be sharing as part of the readathon next week.

As part of our upcoming Children’s Book Readathon, we have a few fantastic authors and bloggers who are participating in the final week. Today I am highlighting a wonderful writing duo that I came across about a year ago. And the best part, Robbie and Michael Cheadle will be offering a FREE copy of one of their latest books as part of our Readathon the week of 8/24. More to come in the next week about how to get a copy. Let’s dive in to a fun overview about this adorable family of authors, illustrators, and chefs…

About Robbie and Michael Cheadle

Robbie Cheadle was born in London in the United Kingdom. Her father died when she was three months old and her mother immigrated to South Africa with her tiny baby girl. Robbie has lived in Johannesburg, George and Cape Town in South Africa and attended fourteen different schools. This gave her lots of opportunities to meet new people and learn lots of social skills as she was frequently “the new girl”.

Robbie is a qualified Chartered Accountant and specialises in corporate finance with a specific interest in listed entities and stock markets. Robbie has written a number of publications on listing equities and debt instruments in Africa and foreign direct investment into Africa.

Robbie is married to Terence Cheadle and they have two lovely boys, Gregory and Michael. Michael (aged 11) is the co-author of the Sir Chocolate series of books and attends school in Johannesburg. Gregory (aged 14) is an avid reader and assists Robbie and Michael with filming and editing their YouTube videos and editing their books. Robbie is also the author of the new Silly Willy series the first of which, Silly Willy goes to Cape Town, is now available. (See More Below)…

Carry on reading here: https://thisismytruthnow.com/2018/08/03/author-spotlight-robbie-cheadle-winner-for-our-childrens-book-readathon/