I read a poem about compassion recently. It was quite thought provoking and my reflections have resulted in the following poem of my own:

What is compassion?

Is it compassion

to give a beggar food?

Should I rather give him a rod

and teach him to fish?

This may be desirable

but possibly impractical

and quite unachievable

for me, in my car,

as I drive by.

Is my compassion

less worthy than another’s

someone who has more time

or more resources and money

to achieve a more illustrious goal.

Is my charity toxic

creating a dependency

that results in a self-fulfilling

cycle of inability to survive?

Would it be more humane

to ignore one person’s plight

relegating him and his brethren

to the ranks of the invisible.

Unseen by many

uncared for by all.

by Robbie Cheadle

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Have a lovely Saturday