I have been working really hard to finalise the book I have been writing with my Mom, Elsie Hancy Eaton, about growing up in a rural town in England during WWII. Mom is a slave driver [smile] and we worked on the book nearly every day of my recent 8 day break from work. We edited for over 7 hours on one of the days.

I also embarked on a process of getting a cover designed. I am very happy with the new cover and thought I would share it here to see what other readers and writers thought of it.

I have changed the title of the book slightly as I discovered during my research that the buzz bombs only fell right at the end of the war. They were a retaliatory measure by the Nazi’s subsequent to the D-Day landings. Ironically, the next book in the series, called After the Bombs Fell, will start with the launch of the first V1- Buzz bomb or Doodlebug at London on 13 June 1944. Buzz bombs were powered by a simple pulse jet engine which pulsed 50 times per second, giving these bombs the characteristic buzzing sound resulting in the name “buzz bomb”.

I have also amended the blurb a little bit as a result of the changes and editing of the book. Here is the latest version:

What was it like for children growing up in rural Suffolk during World War II?

Elsie and her family live in a small double story cottage in Bungay, Suffolk. Every night she lies awake listening anxiously for the sound of the German bomber planes. Often they come and the air raid siren sounds signaling that the family must leave their beds and venture out to the air raid shelter in the garden.

Despite, the war raging across the English channel, daily life must continue with its highlights, such as Christmas and the traditional Boxing Day fox hunt, and its scary moments when Elsie learns the stories of Jack Frost and the ghostly and terrifying Black Shuck that haunts the coastline and countryside of East Anglia.

Includes some authentic WWII recipes.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.