Michael and my new book, Sir Chocolate and the Sugar Crystal Caves is now available as both a square book and an A5 book from TSL Publications here: http://tslbooks.uk/product/sir-chocolate-and-the-sugar-crystal-caves-story-and-cookbook/ 

Meet some new characters:

The Fondant Ghost lives in the Chocolate Mousse Swamp.

The Candy Striped Roc lives in the Chocolate Chip Hills and feeds on the Marshmallow Sheep that graze in the coconut ice pasture.

A new five-star review of Sir Chocolate and the Baby Cookie Monster on Amazon US

In this instalment, Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet must find the culprit who had caused damage in the town. They set off to in their chocolate cake car to track the baby cookie monster. This book contains more of the innovative fondant icing figurines instead of illustrations which I love and there are some yummy recipes which the young readers can try.” – Carolien S

Have a lovely Saturday!