My older son was born with a chronic condition which necessitated 18 operations between the ages of 12 months and 6 years. It was a very difficult period in my life, sitting in the hospital during all these operations and recoveries and many other hospital admissions for related illness over that period. Each time I would be full of hope that this one would be the last, and each time the operation would fail and my little boy would fall ill again. I wrote this simple poem to express my thoughts and feelings at that time. I am posting it now in response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt “Waiting”.

Waiting for an answer

Our dear boy was born,

On a Monday, I remember;

He came into this world,

On a bright day in September.


Our firstborn, he was beautiful,

I really was amazed;

My love so overwhelming,

I felt completely dazed.


The doctor came to see us,

His face was set and grim;

Our gorgeous baby boy,

Had something wrong with him.


I took him down to x-rays,

Not serious, they said;

So little we knew then,

So easily mislead.


Uncomplicated, straight forward,

The specialist calm and kind;

Eighteen operations later,

I think he’s changed his mind.


Eighteen times under anaesthetic,

Our brave young lad went;

We anxiously sat outside,

And prayers upward sent.


Waiting in a hospital,

Such a hard thing to do;

Every fear and worry amplified,

And shared with very few.


Twelve long years later,

A disease they did find;

Dermalogical in nature,

It created quite a bind.


A treatment plan in place,

It is truly my belief;

Having a diagnosis,

Is such a big relief.


By Robbie Cheadle

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