I have had a few ups and downs with this blog over the past week. I also had trouble accessing other peoples self hosted blogs but it seems to have rectified itself now. I don’t know how as resolving blog problems is not my strongest technical ability.

It didn’t help that I have had a bad flu bug with fevers, headaches and a horrible cough. I had to work as we are so busy and it felt like a real exercise in will power just sitting at my desk on a few of the days. Happily, I am more or less fine again now.

I made an amazing discovery while trawling through my Dad’s old books. I found a very old cookbook that belonged to my great-grandmother. Don’t tell my sisters please; I am not sharing it.

I thought I would share a few of the remedies in the back of this ancient tome that relate to colds and flu.

For failing children

Take 2 spoonfuls of lime, pour 1 bottle (250 ml) of boiling water over it, stir well and cover. Allow the sediment to settle and carefully distill the clear liquid into a clean bottle. Cork well. Give a teaspoon to the ailing child three times per day.

I am sure the vitamin C in the limes did help. 

Oppressed chest in children

Melt a piece of goats lard. Put it into a cup with a spoonful of turmeric and stir until cold. Cut a small flannel chest protector and sew two pieces of tape to it to tie around the neck. Scrape some of the melted goats lard onto the previously warmed up protector and apply it to the chest. Put a piece of black wadding, with a little castor oil on the woolly side, between the shoulders.

Pain in the ear

Soak 1/4 of a small teaspoon of ground pepper in sweet oil on a soft rag. Put it all the way into the ear.

I must admit it makes me smile to think of my children’s reaction if I attempted to use one of these remedies on them. I am sure they work though, often these old remedies do.

Have a great evening.