Stand-alone books

My stand-alone series of books include a variety of different stories, filled with new adventures, filled with new characters and recipes for you and your children to enjoy.


While the Buzz Bombs fell

What was it like for children growing up in rural Suffolk during World War II?

Elsie and her family live in a small double story cottage in Bungay, Suffolk. Every night she lies awake listening anxiously for the whistle of falling bombs. Often they come and the air raid siren sounds signaling that the family must leave their warm beds and venture out to the air raid shelter in the garden.

Despite the war raging across the English channel, daily life must continue with its highlights, such as Christmas and the traditional Boxing Day fox hung, and its scary moments when the little girl learns the stories of Jack Frost and the ghostly and terrifying Black Shuck that haunts the coastline and countryside of East Anglia.

This book includes several authentic WWII recipes from pamphlets and other documentation distributed by the British Ministry of Food during WWII.