For our Easter table center piece, Michael and I made this Swiss Chalet Chocolate House.

Firstly, we made the roof. We made it from milk chocolate, which we tempered, and multicoloured mini Easter eggs.

I lined a cookie baking tray with wax paper and sprayed the sides with a line layer of non-stick cooking spray. We broke two 80 gram bars of milk chocolate into squares and melted them in a glass bowl (microwave proof) over a pan of boiling water. Once the chocolate was melted, we removed the bowl from the pan and placed it on a tea towel on the counter so that it didn’t cool to quickly. We stirred in another 80 gram bar of milk chocolate broken into squares. Once the chocolate is completely melted it will have a lovely shiny consistency. It is then tempered to the correct temper to mold. We poured the chocolate into the baking tray and I smoothed it with the flat blade of a butter knife. We then sprinkled the chocolate with the mini Easter eggs, taking care to leave cutting paths. We refrigerated the chocolate for 2 hours until firmly set.

Once the chocolate was set, I measured two squares of 13 x 14 centimeters each and cut them out with a sharp knife. We now had our roof.

The second step was to make the house structure. I used 6 Top-Deck 80 gram chocolate bars which I cut to shape. The front and back of the house comprised of 4 bars of chocolate, cut as per the picture with a steep pitch. This meant that the house walls would be lower and were only three chocolate blocks high. I cut all four wall pieces from 2 chocolate bars.

We then made royal icing which I used to assemble the house as per the second picture above. I used glasses to hold the structure in place while it set. Once the house structure was totally dry [approximately 1 hour later], I attached the roof pieces. I used teacups, underneath the bottom of the roof pieces to hold them in place which the royal icing set.

The house was then complete and I could decorate it as I wished. I used multicoloured sprinkles for the grass and small Easter eggs for the toadstools with a chocolate disc for the top of the toadstool. I assembled the doors from licorice allsorts which I took apart and only used one coloured layer for. The windows were made from Smarties.

Our final house looked like this:

What a great treat for the kids on Easter Sunday.