Sue Vincent provided this lovely creepy photo as her photo challenge for this week. I wrote a little piece that links back to my last post about the ghost of a woman who haunts the King’s Head Hotel in my mother’s home town of Bungay.

Something was different. Her body felt strange as she got to her feet, sort of light and airy. She glanced around and noted that her surroundings were familiar to her. She could see the manner house in the distance, its turrets tall and proud.

“Why am I outside?” she wondered. The moon was large and bright, bathing everything in a cold, silvery glow. A mist rose from the ground, shimmering in the moonlight. She should feel deathly cold but she didn’t. She couldn’t feel anything; no icy wind blowing and no lingering dampness in her clothes or hair.

As Matilda shook out her skirts, getting ready to walk back to the house, a dark stain on her dress caught her eye. She looked down and saw the large patch of darkness creeping down her bodice and into the fabric of her skirt. It looked like dried blood. As she reached down to touch the stain she saw the transparency of her hand. She could see her dress right through it.

It all came back to her in a rush. The discovery of her pregnancy. Telling her beloved about her condition and then discovering that he had fled, leaving her alone to face the hardship and shame of having the baby on her own, as an unwed mother.

Climbing the steep stone steps of the North turret and flinging herself from it seemed the only reasonable thing to do at the time. Anger licked at her, its small flames fanned by the memories. She focused on the building ahead. He would pay. They would all pay.

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