Riding the wave

From an early age

we are taught

to ride the waves

of the ocean of life,

initially we paddle

on the surfboard

of our choosing:

law, accountancy,


or even medicine.

We lie flat as we experiment

judging the current

learning the daily tides

gauging the weather.

The passing of time

gives us experience

we rise to our knees

and then to our feet

riding the crest

of bigger and bigger waves.

We enjoy the calm days

using them to practice

our steadily improving skills

stormy days unnerve us

as the rain pours down

the sea, turbulent and choppy.

We fall down in the water

rolling over and over

not knowing which way is up

and which way is down

as we struggle to survive

and gasp life saving air.

We soon determine our strengths

using them to our advantage

and the time eventually comes

when the challenge is gone

and it feels as if no wave

could ever defeat us.

This is not the case

it is not dependable

tsunami’s do come

crashing into our lives

sweeping clean as a broom

destroying everything

we have worked for

and struggled to achieve

and we must start anew

learn to balance again

and ride a different wave

in unknown waters.

by Robbie Cheadle

This poem was written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo challenge – Wave. You can join in the challenge here: https://scvincent.com/2018/06/28/thursday-photo-prompt-wave-writephoto/