My work colleague, Sune, read Book 1, Sir Chocolate and the strawberry cream berries story and cookbook and Book 2, Sir Chocolate and the baby cookie monster to her children. She gave me the following amazing feedback:

I think the book should include a warning,
I was thinking something like thisJ HAHA
“Warning to mom and dad
Before reading this book, take note, it may make you quite sad
As it includes some very delicious looking chocolate art
Please do not read it too late after dark
Before you break your sweets loving heart
Because you don’t have the ingredients to bake a tart
And if the long day at work made you lazy
Avoid letting your sweet tooth drive you crazy
SO after looking at the pictures don’t drink a condensed milk tin
As this would be a weight loss sin…
LOL, I have been rhyming since I read it, and now resorted to drinking condensed milk out of the tin, cause I need something sweet!
Feedback like this is so inspiring.