The fire licked tentatively at the old, dry wood of the uninhabited tenement and, finding it agreeable, took a deep and satisfying bite. The building seemed to explode in a myriad of yellow, orange and blue flames. The sun was just showing its face on the horizon.

The insatiable beast ran amok among the dwelling houses, shops, brewing offices, barns and other houses, consuming everything in its path. A free school, three alms-houses and a Church also fell foul to its fiery banquet.

Four hours later the beast was beaten into submission. It was too late; the town was gone.

I can feel panic

Licking at my soul’s edges

Setting it on fire

A bit of extra information:

On 1 March 1688, a terrible fire broke out in Bungay and destroyed most of the town leaving about 200 families homeless. St Mary’s Church was badly damaged in the fire, especially the tower and south aisle. The bells melted in the heat.

This was written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: